Digital marketing merely suggests marketing through digital platforms. It refers to the term marketing as its basic which means promoting, advertising and selling the product or services. However, through web and social media platforms. Currently, digital marketing is essentially increasing traffic to your website through different platforms by advertising on alternative websites, social media e-mail, etc. The digital platform may mean any device through that you may do your promotions, advertising of products and services.


Duringn this new digital era life without internet access is impossible. The web has become a serious necessity in a way of life. You had to pace with the ever-changing times move with the modification in technology. Business wants a change from that traditional /outdated technique. Obtaining your online presence online can facilitate to market your business.

This will help you to produce new customers outside your native space. In this competitive market, step ahead from your rivals. Your business online can attract additional clients than your ancient business. This can offer access to numerous those who use the web. Your business ought to be offered at a right place at the proper time to induce additional traffic to your website. For example-some one wants to order food online. He will search for a local restaurant. If you own a good restaurant but don’t have a digital presence. Hence, you will lose your customers. This is why a digital presence is essential.

Hindrance to Digital Marketing

There are many people that use digital marketing to promote their businesses. It is tough to search out and attract additional customers to your websites. There are invariably some higher choices accessible who will let you lose your customers. Building a website can be a task for few who are short in their budgets. Short budgets are a hindrance in the process of marketing. It is difficult to create content that may satisfy the client. There are many customers and understanding all their wants is a sort of tough task.

The skills of individuals are rare. Being a decent digital marketer wants plenty of creativity and talent in you. It is quite a task, as to creating leads to your web would take all your mind.

Who Should Learn Digital Marketing?

Anyone can learn this skill who has an innovative mind. It does not want any academic qualification, high talent set. Anyone who had an internet connection and a basic knowledge of computers could learn it.

Students, who are doing BBA MBA may learn digital marketing as this may add up their resume and will have a great impact while getting their jobs.

Businessman, who wants to promote their business. Want to make their business more profitable could learn it.

Sales professionals, who are indulging in traditional sales should know about digital marketing to achieve their sales targets.

Housewives, who have a baby and can’t work At 9:00 TO 5:00 jobs could also learn digital marketing as they can work while sitting at homes and can get paid.

Learning digital marketing would always add up their resume. It will help add plus point to your resume. There is a great future in digital marketing as a professional.

How to Learn Digital Marketing at Home or online navtechsolution Free 2020 Update

What’s the best way to learn digital marketing in 2020 for free and at the comfort of your own home?

there are a lot of free and paid online or learn navtechsolution resources that can help you acquire the skills needed to become a modern digital marketing manager.

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How to Learn Digital Marketing for Free

To become a successful digital marketer, you need to develop the skill required to work with or all online marketing technologies. you need to acquire the necessary knowledge so that you can combine them together to achieve the best possible results.

It’s hard work that requires a lot of patience and perseverance but the good news is that you don’t have to attend a classroom course to become an expert in Digital Marketing.

You don’t even have to spend your time searching Google for which resources to follow

To build up your digital marketing skills, following

  • Search engine marketing (includes SEO and PPC)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Analytics Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are wondering how to learn digital marketing step by step, or search engine optimization (SEO) SEO is the technique to get traffic from organic search results on search engines like Bing and Google. It aims to increase the quality and visibility of a website by having it ranked higher on the search engine results page.

    The benefits of SEO include:
  • (i) Gathering leads and driving conversions.
  • (ii) Better expense management.
  • (iii) Relevant user experience.
  • (iv) Improvement in brand image, awareness, and credibility.
  • (v) Establishment of trust.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

search engine marketing (SEM), too, is a type of digital marketing using which websites or landing pages can promote themselves online. It uses paid advertising, contextual advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC), cost per impression, Click Through Rate (CTR), and SEO as tools to help a website rank higher during the SERP crawling and indexing process.

SEM can prove to be the largest driver of growth for your business brand. This is because it enables you to:

  • (i) Grab the audience’s attention.
  • (ii) Measure campaign outcomes.
  • (iii) Raise brand value.
  • (iv) Gain a competitive advantage.
  • (v) Generate more revenues.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

When it comes to inbound marketing, or social media marketing (SMM) holds a place of pride. when uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to generate leads and attract clients. SMM doesn’t just equip you to write witty tweets and status updates but it also helps you build a dedicated audience, understand what they like, and engage with them on a regular basis.

More so, it offers other advantages like:
    (i) Better conversion rates.
  • (ii) Instant, informal communication.
  • (iii) Immediate customer satisfaction.
  • (iv) Enhanced brand loyalty.
  • (v) Reduced marketing costs.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is essentially a strategic approach that focuses on creating and delivering relevant content with the singular aim of adding value and attracting customers. It requires appropriate research, the inclusion of keywords, the addition of links, and the generation of consistent content. If your content is thorough, useful, and entertaining, it can easily sway the target audience in your favor!

  • (i) Higher domain authority.
  • (ii) Increased potential to convert clients.
  • (iii) Enhanced referral traffic.
  • (iv) Better SERP rankings.
  • (v) Improved customer relationships.

Email Marketing

As the name itself suggests, email marketing is basically a method of sending out commercial messages via electronic mail so that personalized information can be delivered to the inbox of potential customers. At present, this form of marketing is the largest driver of business revenue Email. People can be personally contacted for providing information about things like updates and discounts or offers. If your customers find it interesting, they will begin associating with your website or landing page on a long-term basis. The major advantages of email marketing are:

  • (i) Reaching an audience or customer beyond your immediate geographical borders.
  • (ii) Easy measurement and scalability.
  • (iii) Customized information delivered with a personal touch.
  • (iv) Low costs and targeted messages.
  • (v) Quick engagement and interest arousal.

Video Marketing

As a marketing strategy, video marketing is essentially an audio-visual approach which aims to deliver messages or information by engaging customers. It uses interactive videos to promote a brand, website service or product. Be it presenting how-to videos, hosting live streaming events, promoting viral content or simply creating user testimonials – video marketing harbors the potential to catch the attention of a prospective customer immediately.

The benefits of video marketing largely involve:
  • (i) Instant boosting of conversion rates.
  • (ii) A great addition to email marketing.
  • (iii) Encourages social sharing.
  • (iv) Fosters SEO efforts.
  • (v) Builds credibility and trust.

Link Building

One of the Good ways to learn digital marketing is by learning the art of link building, development, and insertion. When you get other websites carrying similar content to link with your page, you automatically increase the digital authority of your site or website. More so, this also gives you the opportunity to drive referral traffic and generate sustainable lead.

Although link building helps you in a variable amount of ways, it principally enables you to:
  • (i) Gain better exposure.
  • (ii) Increase page and domain authority.
  • (iii) Boost syndication efforts.
  • (iv) Build brand and relationships.
  • (v) Rank higher in SERP.


If you are searching for the best way to learn digital marketing 2020, you will have to gain an in-depth understanding of web analytics. Analytics helps you understand what the customers actually feel after they have been through your website or landing page. By studying such consumer behavior, you can make suitable modifications and create a webpage or website that is attractive, efficient and SEO Rich

Digital Marketing, Web Analytics Allows you to:
  • (i) Profile prospective customers.
  • (ii) Understand client preferences.
  • (iii) Improve web content.
  • (iv) Track marketing metrics.
  • (v) Increase business ROI.